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“In Her Future When She Wakes” original painting


Acrylic 18″ x 24″  2016

A maiden in white floats sleeping in a twilight sky.  Above her dreaming and virginal form, moons wax and wane in succession, symbolizing the cycles of her upcoming three or four decades of fertility.  Beneath her mysterious objects grow from a mossy landscape.  On closer inspection we see that these objects are all things that will probably be inserted in her body at some point in her life, in service to her biological destiny.  None of them seem to fit with the innocence of her young face and body.  I painted this not as a complaint, but as a reminder that women deserve respect for the hard work of our bodies in continuing the human race.

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Wild Swans Poem, swans flying, patchwork swan, quilted swan, wild swan painting, aerial view of house and fields, Maine swans flying, Edna St. Vincent Millay Wild Swans,

“Wild Swans” – original painting


Inspired by Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem of the same name.  The eponymous swans are thrilling, larger than life, their feathers pure as the clouds, freedom made physical.  Meanwhile, down on earth, the landscape seems prettified, pleasantly civilized into a quilt.  Two swans, lower in the sky, made of quilt pieces, fly up like our hearts at the change of season, ready to travel the sky. This is a painting about that feeling I get in very early Spring, when I hear the geese or see the wild swans going over, and suddenly, daily life is completely irrelevant.  All I want is to be moving over the earth, under the open sky, with uncombed hair.  I hope Edna would have liked my painting.  I love her poem.

Maiden Mother Crone, Goddess Art, Three generations of women art, three generations of women painting, pregnant woman, pregnant woman art

Maiden, Mother, Wisewoman – original watercolor painting


Three aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Wisewoman (or Crone) read from a Book of Mysteries as they hold hands  They sit in a meadow of grasses with ripened seed. For me this painting is religious art, a celebration of the stages of a woman’s life, and also a representation of life continuing through the generations of women – Grandmother, mother, daughter, and of course the child of unknown sex that the Mother carries beneath her green gown.  I painted a deer and bear in the woods, quietly watching them, and I put a fox in the ripened seed heads of grass at the Wisewoman’s feet.  The feeling is one of being part of the fullness of life in a late summer day.

This richly colored watercolor is beautifully framed in simple, slightly distressed brown-black wood with a gold bevel.  I hand decorated the mat with vines and ferns on an ocher yellow  panel.  The painting size is 19.25″ high x 21.5″ wide  and the framed size is 28″ x 30.25″.

Red Riding Hood Painting, Red Riding Hood grown-up, red riding hood and wolf, red riding hood with white hair, red riding hood on forest path, woman in cloak, woman and wolf walking, feminist fairy tale

Red Riding Hood and Wolf – original painting


Red Riding Hood and her friend, Wolf, travel the forests together.  Blue line drawings of birds, insects and plants populate the foreground tree which frames the work.  Are they thoughts, decoration, or plans in the mind of the Goddess?  Star shaped cutouts in the leafy canopy remind us of the sky and sun above the trees, and with the moon in the upper left corner, also remind us that time is fleeting, but all times are one.  Birds flit like messengers from the subconscious in this subversive feminist retelling of the popular fairy tale.  2017  Acrylic  30.5″ x 39″

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Elizabethan dress, woman with crystal ball, fortune teller, Elizabethan flower embroidery, red dress, crystal ball, valentine, red haired womanElizabethan woman's face, woman in cap, elizabethan dress, flower embroidery

Seeress of Hearts – Painting


A mysterious lady in red velvet gazes into her crystal ball and sees your romantic future in this acrylic painting of the “Seeress of Hearts.”  The small size and border of flowers inspired by Elizabethan embroidery give it an intimate feel, as do the quiet pose and the gaze straight into the viewers eyes.  This is a true romantic fantasy. Unframed.  It is a standard size, so you can easily choose a frame.

9 x 12″  acrylic on board  2018