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Red velvet Elizabethan court dress, Elizabethan flower embroidery, and a crystal ball with heart make this a lovely card for Valentines day.

“Seeress of Hearts” – greeting card


Unusual Valentine Card or Anniversary card.  The Seeress of Hearts looks into her crystal ball and sees your true heart. A red velvet Elizabethan court dress, and stylized flowers inspired by Elizabethan flower embroidery make this lushly pretty, and the crystal ball, braided tree trunks and mossy bank add a touch of mystery.



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Seeress of Hearts – Painting


A mysterious lady in red velvet gazes into her crystal ball and sees your romantic future in this acrylic painting of the “Seeress of Hearts.”  The small size and border of flowers inspired by Elizabethan embroidery give it an intimate feel, as do the quiet pose and the gaze straight into the viewers eyes.  This is a true romantic fantasy. Unframed.  It is a standard size, so you can easily choose a frame.

9 x 12″  acrylic on board  2018