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Petticoats and Lupines – Fine Art Greeting Card


Two adorable girls in fluffy petticoats and embroidered blouses run through a field of lupines.  This is a wonderful memory for me.  I painted it back in the days of my daughter’s childhood here in Maine, which really did include a lot of lupine picking and running through fields with her friends, because this is Maine.  Although they are grown now, I believe this childhood lives on in their hearts and memories, as it does in this image.  I hope this image of joy brings joy wherever this card may be sent.

Card size:  5 x 7″

Free shipping in the continental US

Elizabethan dress, woman with crystal ball, fortune teller, Elizabethan flower embroidery, red dress, crystal ball, valentine, red haired womanElizabethan woman's face, woman in cap, elizabethan dress, flower embroidery

Seeress of Hearts – Painting


A mysterious lady in red velvet gazes into her crystal ball and sees your romantic future in this acrylic painting of the “Seeress of Hearts.”  The small size and border of flowers inspired by Elizabethan embroidery give it an intimate feel, as do the quiet pose and the gaze straight into the viewers eyes.  This is a true romantic fantasy. Unframed.  It is a standard size, so you can easily choose a frame.

9 x 12″  acrylic on board  2018

Pink dress, garden, rose arbor, edwardian valentine card, victorian valentine card, white picket fence, pretty valentine card

Lady With Flower Basket Card


A lady with a basket in a pink Edwardian walking skirt and a violet embroidered blouse and apron enters her garden to cut flowers.  A perfect card for the gardener or vintage clothing lover in your life, it also makes a sweet Valentine card choice.

  • Free shipping in the continental US
  • Fine art giclée greeting card
  • Suitable for framing as a small art print.
  • Card size 5″ x 7″
  • Archival pigmented inks