“Welcome to My Jungle” Egg Tempera

Welcome to JenGretaCart.com.  Here you will find Goddess art, mermaid prints, unusual and romantically strange dragon greeting cards, paintings of strong and magical women and a secret world.

I’m a Maine painter in the small, strange town of Hallowell, surrounded by river, trees and hills.  The woods are always near, and so are the animals.  Sometimes the smaller ones get in the house, and we have to shoo them back out. Even here in town, the trees are everywhere.  The Spirit of Nature is breathing with us, here, every breath we take, we’re breathing Her breath. The only reason we can’t smell it is we’re so used to it, we take it for granted.

So, my paintings tell about women and how our breath is the Goddess’s breath, how we’re not so different from the foxes, the deer.  How our dreams are mermaid dreams, as we breast the waves and plunge beneath the chill green silk of their sides.  My paintings are about flying, floating, on the night breeze because the fireflies and moths and owls call us to come to the window, raise our arms and ride the wind.  My paintings are about walking into a jungle filled with perfumed flowers and friendly tigers and winged lizards, and knowing it for both a creation of our minds, and more real than anything.  I paint joy in the grace and strength of a young body, and I paint the dignity of the wisdom of age.

I live and work in an old Victorian house with my husband, Chris Cart.  You can see his paintings and murals at ChristopherCart.com.