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Welcome to the feminist fantasy greeting cards of Jen Greta Cart.  These beautiful blank cards feature Goddess art, Maine Mermaids, magical crones and a maiden warrior or two.

Mermaid greeting cards are here in many guises, from the playful little red haired girl mermaid of “Singing With Mermaids” to the importunate mermaid in roiling surf of “Mermaid Memories.”  Listen to your inner mermaid!

Take a look at the feminist fantasy greeting cards that celebrate the power and mystery of the older woman.  “Wisewoman” features the crone in front of her cave of mysteries.  “Welcome to my Jungle” shows us a silver haired nude woman relaxing in the embrace of a Tiger.  And a white haired woman in a bustled dress takes first steps along a mysterious jungle path in “Into My Jungle.”  Those of us who have passed out of the childbearing years appreciate images that celebrate maturity and our new journeys.  Our imaginations, hearts and souls have not dried up because our wombs no longer bear!

The Goddess greeting cards are more than feminist fantasy greeting cards  – for some people they are Goddess related religious art.  Greeting cards suitable for Wiccan Holy Days can be hard to find.  A Female Creator sculpts the animals from clay in “Breath of the Goddess.  And the three aspects of the Goddess sit together in a field of golden grain in “Maiden, Mother, Wisewoman.”