Peace Angel Greeting Card


Send the Dove of Peace in a greeting card

An Angel, weary and sad, sends forth hope and healing in the form of a peace dove.  The shining purity of her swan wings and the doves feathers glow against the dark bare branches of winter.  A winter sunrise glows with its own quiet light and reminds us that hope and renewal is everlasting.  This is an image filled with faith in the future tempered by experience and knowledge.  It reminds us to be Angels of Peace in our world, and reminds us that Angels of Peace walk among us, unknown, working quietly, in the hope of a new dawn of love and strength.  It’s a wonderful image to send out, perhaps to brighten a day, maybe occasionally to be the small thing that changes a life.  Also available as a print here.

Send the Dove of Peace into the World

  • Free shipping in the continental US
  • Fine art giclée greeting card
  • Suitable for framing as a small art print.
  • Card size 5″ x 7″