Doves in a Handmade Sky Greeting Card


Send the White Doves of Peace and Reconciliation out into the land with “Doves in a Handmade Sky” 

Send a hopeful loving message

Great card for the quilters and bird lovers in your life.  

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Doves in a Handmade Sky – Greeting Card

A patchwork peace dove and a real white dove fly together in front of a sky partly made of fabric. Stitches in thread, the work of women’s hands, holds the sky together in this magical world.  Is the sunrise real, or is it painted silk?  It’s an image full of symbolism, the doves for peace and reconciliation.  Their flight stands for hope.  And the patchwork (or piecework, or maybe even Peacework) stands for the way our work can remake the world and hold it together.  Many stitches hold up the sky!

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Fine Art Giclée Greeting Card

Suitable for framing as a small art print

Card Size 5″ x 7″