Sledding at Mt. Tom – 12 pack


Sledding at Mt. Tom 12 Pack

Also available as a single card here.

Sledding at Mt. Tom

Mt. Tom is a beloved sledding place in Gardiner, Maine.  It’s a long, quite steep slope that can be breathtakingly (not to mention dangerously fast!) in icy conditions.  Most of us here in our section of the Kennebec Valley have happy nostalgic memories of winter afternoons on this hill.  And the view of the frozen Kennebec River and woods beyond is grandly beautiful.  I wanted to get a sense of the mystery and danger of the place into the painting.  That’s why I painted it in late afternoon light.  I think the crow feather falling from the sky expresses the sense you get at that time of day – that everything is still and quiet, but something is about to happen.

Shipping and Quality Info

Getting twelve means you can keep one to frame, since all my cards are printed on high quality acid free stock with archival pigmented inks.  They’re really mini prints in their own right.  And free shipping, plus a bargain rate for 12 makes them a very good buy.  And if you’d rather buy just one, click here.