Christmas Card Winter Magic Variety Pack of 10


Magical Winter Holiday Greeting Card Variety 10 pack

Can’t decide which image is your favorite?  You can send out a variety…there’s something for everyone.

Pack of 10 Beautiful Christmas Cards

Two “Pheasant in Winter Woods”

The pheasant’s glowing warm plumage contrasts beautifully with the evergreens of Maine’s winter woods…bear berry, ivy and pine.

Two “Sledding on Mt. Tom”

A boy pulls his runner sled through the mysterious light of a winter late afternoon on this beautiful Christmas Card that shows the frozen Kennebec River in the background of this popular sledding spot near the Oaklands in Gardiner Maine.

Two “Flight Dreams”

Holiday Greeting Card with a girl…an angel?…a spirit of Christmas? flying peacefully through the night sky accompanied by a white heron.

Two “Wise Old One”

Christmas Card with a wise old caribou against a twilight sky with crescent moon…is he the leader of Santa’s Reindeer?

Two “Lady Silverbell and Prancer at the Window”

Is a real Fantasy Christmas Card, with a lady elf and a reindeer talking of important matters at the castle window.  Children and fantasy lovers will especially appreciate this story greeting card.  Available as a single card here.   Available as a 12 pack here