Barn Swallows in a Heart Shaped Sky

Small painting of two barn swallows and twin heart weathervane for valentine, wedding, or anniversary gift by Jen Greta Cart
A pair of swallows flying in a heart shaped teal sky painting by Jen Greta Cart

A lusciously pretty painting of two Barn Swallows fluttering above a double heart weathervane. A teal sky fills a heart shape edged with white ruffles and red ribbon. The bare branches behind are just tipped with red maple flowers. I wanted to recall the romantic valentines of years gone. This is a small jewel of a painting, only 8 x 8″. It is painted in acrylic on a box panel 1.65″ deep. The sides of the box panel are hand decorated as an alternative to a frame, giving a slightly antique yet streamlined look to the piece. I can commemorate this one of a kind piece as a wedding, anniversary, or valentines gift with the addition of names and date on the bottom panel ( see decorative side panels below) If you are interested in purchasing this romantic little gem, please click here. If you want to order it with hand painted names or other message on the bottom, please message me here.