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Acrylic 18″ x 24″  2016

A maiden in white floats sleeping in a twilight sky.  Above her dreaming and virginal form, moons wax and wane in succession, symbolizing the cycles of her upcoming three or four decades of fertility.  Beneath her mysterious objects grow from a mossy landscape.  On closer inspection we see that these objects are all things that will probably be inserted in her body at some point in her life, in service to her biological destiny.  None of them seem to fit with the innocence of her young face and body.   I painted this not as a complaint, but as a reminder that women deserve respect for the hard work of our bodies in continuing the human race

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  1. Jen, I am simply gobsmacked!!! Totally astounded at the symbolism of this piece!! It is every womans nightmare and many of us were never really prepared!! Thank God that we are WOMEN. Men wouldn’t survive the first month!! I truly love the detail in this astonishing work!!!

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! I really wanted to show what bravery it takes, to be a woman of child bearing age…how many intrusions and extra burdens we put up with. We keep the human race going! When a young girl of thirteen is about to get her first period, she little dreams how this part of her body will dominate her life at times. Meanwhile, we work, we build, we plan, we cook, we fight wars, give speeches, care for aged parents, garden – paint!- teach, clean….I just don’t think we get enough credit. It’s not easy, and we do it. And then! The word pussy is used to mean someone cowardly and weak. I don’t think so! And I’m glad you don’t either.

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