Lady of Spring

Acrylic 19.5″ x 15.5″

“The Lady of Spring” is about those days in Spring in Maine when life returns. The Maiden Goddess of Spring walks across the land and the snow retreats before her beautiful feet. Her magical footsteps melt the snow and leaves and flowers spring up in her wake. In the snow before her we see the white shapes of bones, bare branches, a fleeing hare, and a sleeping white cat. In the green swirls of life that spread behind her we see crocuses and trillium, spring beauties and trout lily. The Kennebec river in the background loses its ice, represented by white diamonds and swirls of white on the dark water. The Lady’s blue petticoats trail into curling vines and light trailers of cloud, and starry skies above. “Flying Geese” quilt pattern triangles form a “V” of migrating Canada Geese returning home across the background sky.

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