Maiden, Mother, Wisewoman – Watercolor Goddess Painting

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Maiden, Mother, Wisewoman Detail

Fox in grass, red fox in grass, red fox painting, red fox hiding, red fox face

Fox detail

Three aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Wisewoman (or Crone) read from a Book of Mysteries as they hold hands  They sit in a meadow of grasses with ripened seed. For me this painting is religious art, a celebration of the stages of a woman’s life, and also a representation of life continuing through the generations of women – Grandmother, mother, daughter, and of course the child of unknown sex that the Mother carries beneath her green gown.  I painted a deer and bear in the woods, quietly watching them, and I put a fox in the ripened seed heads of grass at the Wisewoman’s feet.  The feeling is one of being part of the fullness of life in a late summer day.

This richly colored watercolor is beautifully framed in simple, slightly distressed brown-black wood with a gold bevel.  I hand decorated the mat with vines and ferns on an ocher yellow  panel.  The painting size is 19.25″ high x 21.5″ wide  and the framed size is 28″ x 30.25″.

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