Many Stitches Hold Up The Sky

Mural on the Cabot Mills Building

A sky of gold, lemon and teal printed fabric makes up a beautiful sunrise as people work together to sew a patchwork quilt world of peace and hope for the future on the old Wampanoag portage site on the Androscoggin River. White patchwork doves flutter on the right, while we can see the building that was once Fort Andross, then the Cabot Mills fabric factory, and is now a vibrant community site with antiques, flea market, restaurants, artist studios and so much more.

This 40 foot high outdoor public mural was conceived as a message of hope for the future for the people of Brunswick, Maine, and we were asked to make it as inclusive of all people as possible. I knew I wanted to paint realistic human figures, but I wanted a more graphic stylized background look. My husband Chris and I both submitted a few ideas and this is the one that was chosen by Brunswick Public Art and Waterfront Maine to go on the enormous, corrugated south facing wall of the Cabot Mills building on the old Fort Andross site.

From the painting of the 5 foot full color maquette that was the detailed plan for the actual mural to installing the painted polytab panel sections of the finished mural on the wall of the Cabot Mills building was a year and a half journey.

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Mural By Jen Greta Cart and Chris Cart on the old Fort Andross in Brunswick Maine.
“Many Stitches Hold Up the Sky”