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Red velvet Elizabethan court dress, Elizabethan flower embroidery, and a crystal ball with heart make this a lovely card for Valentines day.

“Seeress of Hearts” – greeting card


Unusual Valentine Card or Anniversary card.  The Seeress of Hearts looks into her crystal ball and sees your true heart. A red velvet Elizabethan court dress, and stylized flowers inspired by Elizabethan flower embroidery make this lushly pretty, and the crystal ball, braided tree trunks and mossy bank add a touch of mystery.



free climber, gargoyle, marble angel, stone angel, climbing woman, kiss, kissing couple, fantasy greeting card

“Stone Piper” Greeting Card


A female urban climber has scaled the marble gargoyles and angels of her apartment building to kiss the man enchanted in stone. This image makes a very unusual and romantic valentine or anniversary card, and it’s also a great greeting card for the adventurous tough women in your life.  The painting illustrated a story I wrote as a very young woman.  It was called Stone Piper.  A young woman became obsessed with the marble knight who played the flute high above the city.  Late one night she kisses the statue and it comes to life.

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  • Fine art giclée greeting card
  • Suitable for framing as a small art print.
  • Card size 5″ x 7″
  • Archival pigmented inks