Kate and the Dragon – Small Print


Kate and the Dragon

Here is a small jewel of a print for dragon lovers, fantasy lovers, book lovers and librarians!

Kate and the Dragon

Librarian and Dragon Reading

A scholarly medieval lady rests companionably in the coils of her best friend, a large wise dragon reading a book along with her.  This is a small print that works perfectly to dress up a cozy book corner.  At only ten inches square image size, it adds a touch of fantasy without dominating a room.

Fantasy Portraits

I love painting portraits, getting a face right and finding a way to bring out character is an absorbing puzzle that can keep me making subtle adjustments for days.  Sometimes I place the portrait in a fantasy situation that I illustrates the personality of the subject.  Painted in watercolor as a present for my son, this portrait of my daughter in law is perfect for her quirky, quietly brave, scholarly personality.  If dragons were available as reading buddies, she would definitely have one.