Guardian – Fine Art Giclée Print


A girl with hair of fallow gold feeds her chickens in a homestead clearing in the Maine woods.  Her embroidered camisole and long skirt may be hippie garb or it may be fairy tale clothing…the golden light imbues her with magic, and makes the corn she scatters seem to glow with enchantment.  The dark woods behind her may hold menace, but she is watched over from the trees by a stag – the Guardian.  When I did this watercolor years ago, I think I was concentrating on the girl’s beautiful face, her clothing, and the golden light on the chickens.  I look at the image now, and it’s all about the Guardian  – hidden, protecting the maiden and her hens from unknown danger.

Image Size 10.5″ x 14″

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks