Greeting Card for Easter, Beltane, Ostara


Lady of Spring Greeting Card

The Spring Maiden walks across the land, bringing blue skies and flowers as she chases away winter.

The Spring Maiden walks across the Kennebec Valley, bringing flowers, greenery and warm breezes in her wake. It’s a lovely greeting card for the Easter Season, and Pagans and Wiccans will love this card for the holidays of Beltane and Ostara. The ice and snow, with its patterns of bones and frost flakes, retreats before the Spring Maiden’s lovely bare feet.  Notice the sleeping white cat in the back of the snow.  In the sky, the quilt pattern “Flying Geese” represents the Canada geese returning to the north in Spring.  A drift of spring flowers like Trillium, daffodils, and forget-me-nots swirls from her foot.  In her wake are patterns of green and gold reminiscent of the work of Gustav Klimt.