Maine Mermaid Print – “Mermaid Memory”


Maine Mermaid Print “Mermaid Memories”

You are a child of the waves – Listen to your inner mermaid!

Image size 15″ X 18″  Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival inks.  Signed by the artist.

Click here for the original painting of Mermaid Memories.

About This Picture…

The waters of the Maine coast are full of magic in this Maine Mermaid print of my painting, “Mermaid Memory.”   It’s a story about a middle aged woman reclaiming wildness and freedom of soul.  If you look closely at the two figures you can see that they are the same woman at different ages, and the young mermaid is calling the older woman back to the sea, back to her true self.  The painting is about that moment when we older women begin to reclaim our inner mermaid.  When we are young, we are like mermaids, free and maybe a little wild.  Part of the wild waves.  Then we have children, jobs, houses, and our mermaid goes to sleep.  We put her to sleep to get through the work.  But at some point, she begins to call to us.  To remind us that we are not just mothers, secretaries, doctors, cooks, mowers of lawns and buyers of groceries.  We want to slide into the silky waves again, to let our hair stream again.  We want our young mermaid selves back.  This is a recurring theme for me, a woman looking into herself and finding strength and joy.

I painted the waves with magical patterns.  But I also made the water around the mermaid inviting in a dangerous way.  I painted water that it takes some courage to dive into.  But I painted water that rewards us with renewal, magic water.

I put the tall lighthouse shining its light in the dusk to remind us that we can also come back home from the sea.

If you hang this Maine Mermaid Print on your wall, it will remind you to listen to your inner mermaid.  It will remind you to let your hair stream in the wind.  Maybe it won’t give you a sparkling mermaid tail, but it just might make you swim in the ocean waves.

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