“Now Voyager” Print


Now Voyager…

This is a giclée print of a larger fantasy painting by Jen Greta Cart. 

The title, “Now Voyager” is part of a Walt Whitman poem that goes:

           “The untold want by life and land ne’er granted,
             Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find.”

The House

The house was inspired by a house on a high hill in Hallowell, Maine.  I was walking in the early evening golden glow right before the start of sunset, and I saw this house on the very top of the hill, as if it were a clipper ship sailing the evening sky.  The painting took shape in my mind very quickly, the light, the sheets on the laundry line becoming sails, the magical sea for the house to travel into… And pretty soon I realized a ship needs a captain.

The Woman

The woman has lived in the house a long, long time.  Maybe all her life.  At least all her adult life.  They’ve shaped each other and wherever she goes the house and all her history will also go.  Her adventures may be quiet ones, but they will be deep, and they will need courage.  She will face whatever comes with guts and curiosity.  With her brave crew by her side. I used myself as a model, a little older and greyer.  And I hope there’s something of her in me as well..

The Crew

The raffish orange tiger cat and the beautiful parrot are friends with valor, brains and loyalty.  And I’ve got a suspicion they can both talk. And help navigate.

Size and Materials:

Printed on acid free heavy watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks

Image Size 15 x 22.5 inches