Lady of Spring Print


Spring Maiden Print

This inspiring image will keep joy in your heart

Image size 16″ X 20″  Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival inks.  Signed by the artist.

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About This Picture…

The Spring Maiden walks across the land, her blue dress rustling with life and spreading blue sky and cloud petticoats as she walks.  I wanted to capture that feeling in March and April in Maine that hope springs eternal, and the sun will always return.   In the retreating snow, I painted bone patterns and frost flowers, winter hares and a sleeping white cat.  And in the oncoming green of Spring, I was inspired to create a swirl of flowers evoking embroidery.  This is upbeat art about Spring, Hope and Rebirth.  If you’re interested in the original painting, rather than a print, click right here.


And as a greeting card for Easter, Beltane or Ostara…

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