Print of Painting of house magically sailing out to seadetail of "Now Voyager" fantasy painting by Jen Greta Cart

“Now Voyager” Print


Now Voyager…

This is a giclée print of a larger fantasy painting by Jen Greta Cart. 

The title, “Now Voyager” is part of a Walt Whitman poem that goes:

           “The untold want by life and land ne’er granted,
             Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find.”
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The Spring Maiden walks across the land, chasing away snow and ice with blue skies and flowersSnow Pattern Detail from Jen Greta Cart painting, "Lady of Spring"

Lady of Spring Print


Spring Maiden Print

This inspiring image will keep joy in your heart

Image size 16″ X 20″  Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival inks.  Signed by the artist.

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Maine Mermaid Print "Mermaid Memories"

Maine Mermaid Print – “Mermaid Memory”


Maine Mermaid Print “Mermaid Memories”

You are a child of the waves – Listen to your inner mermaid!

Image size 15″ X 18″  Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival inks.  Signed by the artist.

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“Cousins” fine art giclée print


Beautiful ladies in Edwardian garb and their cousins, the lovely mermaid and her adorable little daughter with a goldfish colored tail, chat on a beach in Maine.  Their parasols shade them from the summer sun, and a lighthouse and pines in the background add to the charm.  This is a small print – image size 8 x 10″

Printed on thick acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks, this is a high quality print

Gypsy women riding, mother daughter grandmother print, horse print, horses in surf, gypsy horses on beach, horse painting, women riding horses on beach

“Gypsy Riders” – fine art giclée print with horses


The Gypsy Maiden, Mother and Grandmother ride their horses through an aquamarine surf as the golden sunrise starts the new day. 

image size 12 x 17 3/4″

Printed on thick acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks, this is a beautiful, quality print.

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Breath of the Goddess – fine art giclée print


The Goddess creates the animals in this feminist religious art.  We see her finger marks in the clay by the stream bed, and the animal statues she has molded.  A dove flutters from her hands, given life by the breath of her lips.  I’ve also painted a bear, a fox, a turtle, a blue jay, a hare, a luna moth and a deer, all beginning to go about their new lives…except for the bear and turtle, who in their wisdom and affinity for the Goddess have stayed to watch the act of creation.

Image size 14.25 x 19 inches.  Printed on heavy acid free fine art watercolor paper with archival inks and signed by the artist

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“Singing With Mermaids” Fine Art Giclée Print


This image is from a story I wrote, called “Singing With Mermaids”, set near Pemaquid Lighthouse on the Maine coast.  It’s about a young girl with a beautiful voice, who swims and sings with the mermaids.   Notice their friend, a young harbor seal, in the lower right corner. I still have the original painting and someday I will publish the book!  13×16.5 ”

Printed on thick acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks, this is a quality giclée print.

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“The Pack” fine art giclée print

A friendly pack of dogs runs joyfully on a New England beach at night, let by a creamy white afghan hound.  In the background are beautiful dunes, a Maine lighthouse, and a granite outcropping of the rocky coast.  I will never forget the joy my Labrador Retriever,  Middy,  had in running along the tide line.  Though he is gone, for me he is still on the beach, fearlessly plunging into the cold Popham beach water and retrieving driftwood.  Run on, dear friend!  
Printed on thick acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks, this is a signed, quality print.    Image size 11.5″ x 20″
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“Welcome to My Jungle” fine art giclée print


I painted “Welcome to My Jungle” as a kind of feminist meditation on the acceptance and power of a beautiful older woman’s body.  It holds so many secrets, so much history.  It is comfortable with its inner tiger.  Also, an older woman can stand up to and be friends with the tigers around her.  My nude lady holds a lotus, to symbolize the hard won serenity of experience, and the courage to go on.  Woman and tiger both gaze directly at the viewer, as if to say, “This is me.  See me. Take me as I am.  Or not.”

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks.  image size 9.5″ x 16″

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Ambivalence – fine art giclée print


Feminist Fairy Tale Print. A young girl contemplates an enchanted frog prince in this examination of the idea that every girl would love to kiss a toad, win a prince, and completely subsume her life in his.  Her face is serious, and the toad’s jewel like eye seems to lead into a dark unexplored universe.  The background of willow leaves encloses the moment, and stirs in the breeze of possible change.  The girl’s pale gold head scarf stands in for the crown of a fairy tale princess.  I painted this as a portrait of my daughter at sixteen or so, when her clear eyed realization of the trade-off involved in pairing off with a boy impressed me with her reluctance to conform to expectations of a teenage girl’s priorities.  I think it’s a good image for us all, a reminder that we don’t have to do the expected.

Image size: 14″ x 14″

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks.

signed by the artist

girl feeding chickens, chicken painting, chicken print, girl scattering corn for chickens, girl scattering corn for hens,white hen watercolor detail

Guardian – Fine Art Giclée Print


A girl with hair of fallow gold feeds her chickens in a homestead clearing in the Maine woods.  Her embroidered camisole and long skirt may be hippie garb or it may be fairy tale clothing…the golden light imbues her with magic, and makes the corn she scatters seem to glow with enchantment.  The dark woods behind her may hold menace, but she is watched over from the trees by a stag – the Guardian.  When I did this watercolor years ago, I think I was concentrating on the girl’s beautiful face, her clothing, and the golden light on the chickens.  I look at the image now, and it’s all about the Guardian  – hidden, protecting the maiden and her hens from unknown danger.

Image Size 10.5″ x 14″

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks

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Maiden, Mother, Wisewoman – fine art giclée Goddess print


Three aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Wisewoman (or Crone) read from a Book of Mysteries as they hold hands  They sit in a meadow of grasses with ripened seed. For me this painting is religious art, a celebration of the stages of a woman’s life, and also a representation of life continuing through the generations of women – Grandmother, mother, daughter, and of course the child of unknown sex that the Mother carries beneath her green gown.  I painted a deer and bear in the woods, quietly watching them, and I put a fox in the ripened seed heads of grass at the Wisewoman’s feet.  The feeling is one of being part of the fullness of life in a late summer day.

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks.  image size 15 x 16.8″

ballet, fairy, ballet fairy, grand jeté, summer night, owl painting, fairy painting, fairy print

Midsummer Night – fine art giclée print


A dancer of fairy like grace leaps through the night sky above New England roof tops.  An owl watches her from a lacy cupola.  Summer nights in Maine can make us all feel like this!  The night breezes and the crickets call us to come out, come out, and travel the night sky!    image size 11″ x 15″

printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks.

Girls with baskets of Lupines, girls in petticoats, girls in fluffly skirts, girls in peasant style dresses, gathering lupines

Petticoats and Lupines – fine art giclée print


This is an image from my first years as a painter.  My work has changed a lot, but I still love the innocent beauty of my daughter Kate and her friend Julia as they posed for me.  Picking lupines on the hill above our houses was a yearly event for the kids on our street, and I love this memory of those times.

Image Size 10.75 x 14.75″

Fine Art Giclée printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks.


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Red Riding Hood and Wolf – feminist fairy tale giclée print


The Grown-up Red Riding Hood and her friend, Wolf, travel the forest paths together. They are old, old friends.  A barn swallow and a blue jay in flight add joyful movement and blossoms seem to be embroidered in the foreground.  Star shaped cut outs in the leafy canopy add more fantasy.  This is a feminist retelling of the popular fairy tale, in which Red RIding Hood has chosen her own path and her own friend, and has obviously survived to tell the tale!

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks.  image size 15″ by 19″

Wild Swans Poem, swans flying, patchwork swan, quilted swan, wild swan painting, aerial view of house and fields, Maine swans flying, Edna St. Vincent Millay Wild Swans,

Wild Swans – fine art giclée print


Inspired by the Edna St. Vincent Millay poem, Wild Swans:

“I looked in my heart while the wild swans went over.  And what did I see I had not seen before?Only a question less or a question more; Nothing to match the flight of wild birds flying…….”   

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival pigmented inks, this is a high quality signed print.

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Wisewoman – fine art giclée print


A Wisewoman coming into her power as an elder pours the water of her youth back into the stream of life.  Her faithful cat watches as she prepares to go ever deeper into the heart of a great tree – her cave of wisdom and power.  This third aspect of the Goddess is perhaps the most mysterious and the hardest to embrace, but embrace it we must if we are to grow into our own power as women of experience who have made it through the reproductive years and come out strong and brave.  This is an image to remind us we are becoming more than we were.  A lovely gift for a Croning ceremony.

Printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival inks.  Image size 11″ x 15″